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I sorely miss the commentary p1pp1n provided. I wish she'd not quit.
I spend a lot of time recently
thinking about who I am
when a man asks me for a spare banana and I say no
when I know
I really can
what does that say?
Who will help me
when I am broken in that way?
Down and out
and full of self doubt
and struggling for a hand up
or at least a
nod or smile to help me to stand up

{chorus} I am still here
I am still struggling
I am still playing magic
so tragic all that strategic tragedy
game playing strategy
mentally defying gravity
but feet planted firmly on this earth
because that's what I am worth
some day we will all be gone
but I am still here

When I give a piece of my self
and it is turned around against me
or taken advantage of  because love
isn't contagious enough
what do I become
when I am not the sum of my parts
when I can't account for all these empty hearts?
all these quests to find something that never exists
like love's true kiss
or eternal everlasting bliss
what is it we really miss?

reigning sorrow
like a king without a court
borrowing triumph from disaster
from years gone past or
when nostalgia is a last resort.
when mindscrew is the national sport
you don't have to be a racist
to make your rights known to all
you don't have to pull everyone else down
to prevent your own fall
Im Still Here
Current and personal events? something like that. Video and or mp3 may or may not be on its way eventually.
here I am sitting waiting for serenity
I keep missing my rendevous with serendipity
and I am no longer of the faithful
that what's meant to be will be

I breath in and needles and pins
I breath out, wallowing in self doubt
anxiety bridges the depths of my despair
all I can can think of is "get me out of there!"

but the train is late for the station
even the birds are slow in migration
the world is running on low tide
the rest I leave to your imagination

here I stave of the bouts of insanity
and I keep missing my rendevous with serendipity
there is a lot to be said for not being dead
when it comes your turn for charity

breath in, the keepers keep on keepin
breath out, don't forget to scream n shout
jump up and down, rant and pull your hair
the world is inherently unkind and generally unfair

maybe its just my lost ole generation
we still think in the old fashion notion of nations
the world is looking for places to run and hide
waiting out the coming conflagration

I am always at my best during a calamity
even when I miss my rendevous with serendipity
because my freak out is the natural state of affairs
it is always jarring though to see who really cares
Breath in, Breath out (tentative title)
Not sure what this song should be called so the title is a placeholder for now.

Chords: Country style shuffle between G, C and D and back to G.

Music here:…
people are dying right and left
can't even stop to catch my breath
all this noise is making me deaf
breaking hearts in record time

the arguments about right and wrong
are hard to put to rhyme in a song
especially when the words are long
and the feeling are complex and complicated

sad to say, dime a dozen
lose a friend, a brother or cousin
it hurts like, well like nothing
because you can't compare your pain to mine

the blasting sounds of tv heads
talking bad about the living and the dead
some walking some crawling instead
the shame is we just could be loving each other

grief and greed struggling for space
on the book that we all log on to with our face
to tweet and twit the news into trace
little pithy comments that leave marks across the world

how rotten that when we come together
like birds who've been oil tarred and feathered
we can't even discuss the impending weather
without someone's offense making someone else blow their mind

meanwhile conspirators of the dumbest kind
are prowling the halls of the urban grind
kicking everyone out who doesn't pay their fine
a million bucks to be the resident of a closet for three...

the brokers taking their cuts out of broken homes
where the old folks couldn't afford to roam
and where there is no longer any shelter from the storm
the unkindness grows by leaps and bounds with each passing day.
All that unspent potential
I thought was essential
was just effluvium
and incidental
because as it turns out
there was nothing to talk about
it all fizzled like the shizzle
like when the downpour turns to drizzle.

You build up expectations
like addressing the United Nations
you are going to change things
make deals and befriend kings
but in reality you just watch it all
seeing it happen on the television
your dreams were just fodder
for some other fool's derision

I know you want to hear about hope
and how everything will turn out alright
but this is the low point and there is no other real point
the only thing that keeps it real is keeping your act right
the positive is the negative too
the next part is up to you, standing in the light
its only as hard as you wish to construe
the only way to succeed is to be constant & true

don't be manipulated by the construct
who writes your rules of conduct
because they are propped up
by the profits off those who are out of luck
stand tall in your own way
be the person of your greatest destiny
but know that it is only for the day
tomorrow is just a sales pitch for another melody

the politicians who sell snake oil at your door
the admen who sell you radios and commodities
they are not in this for the feels or to help the poor
they are fickle and liars with their banalities
the martyrs, self sacrificed to become mercenaries
all in the vanity of being a celebrity
this is all glamour and mirage facades, mere insanities
don't buy those hyper hyped false dichotomies.
It's Just A Fad
Stream of consciousness. Have not written music to it yet.

I think the chords to this have to be as follows:
Moderately fast on the guitar:
Capo up 2 frets
D7 Am G 1 x per line for the verses

the chorus is "It's just a fad,
                      It's Just a fad,
                      It's so bad,
                      you've been had..."
with D7 - G7+D 1x per line

Add in scat lines where you feel it.
  • Listening to: Eric Clapton - Let it Rain
  • Reading: Robin Hobb
  • Watching: Jag
  • Playing: Dungeon Crawl aka DCSS (a roguelike)
  • Eating: Air
  • Drinking: Dreams
Is almost finished so I figured Id post a little information about it here.

- The card stock size is 3" x 5" (Because that's the size of an index card.)

- I used prismacolor watercolor pencils, Faber-Castel Pastel Pencils, Water brushes, Tombo dual tip brush Pens and Smoothers.

-  I used up a Tombo Smoother every 20 images or so. Man those things don't last long.

- Also used Pentel fine liners and Uniball pens for the line work.

- Used Staedler fine liner color pens for detailed work and alternative colors.

- Made quite a few mistakes some of which caused me to tear up the card and start over and one which I gave away to a fan who was enjoying watching me draw.

- Learned that people do actually like my drawings (Ive received so many comments irl while doing this) despite the general lack of attention given online.

- In fact I am quite surprised by how nicely  the set has turned out so far and plan on doing another right after I finish.

- The next set will be on Bristol Board using the same general size.

- Self-lamination is a pain in the ass (wallet) so if anyone has suggestions to make this easier (cheaper) please let me know.
Be very careful with ads on this site. A few years ago I reported attack ads (ads that do things like hijack your browser, download malware, etc) and got a very verbose response from admins that they were doing something about this. They did for awhile but I just got an AVG notification just as an ad tried to open a browser window (without asking my permission.) I have recently had ads that started playing LOUD videos whilst I was recording a song on my pc using my dA post of my lyrics. I have also had dA ads stall the browser so badly that I had to close it to reset the flash containers.

Now I could just go get adblock (firefox addon that blocks annoying banner ads (and as far as I know also takes out the video ads as well.) but I consider that to be an abrogation of my obligation as a site user. Therefore...

If this persists I may delete all my content here and just completely abandon dA. The quality of the site has gone down a lot and this pretty close to the last straw for me.
As I color them I will be adding a new series to my page. So far I have the 22 major arcana done in pen but not colored. 1st one up is World (#20). Hope you enjoy these. :D

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