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I worry the experiences you've had
may make you bitter
with all the falls and trials
and sorrow you must consider
I want to reach you through the ether
to keep you sane and on keel
but I fear if I approach, you will reproach
or pretend I am not real.
You don't care,
You don't care about their lives,
their tiny little lives, who will suffer and strive,
you just want control over your wives
your pretty brainless wives,
in their aprons and moomoos and fondue beehives,

Using Religion like a gun to the head of some girl
you just want to turn back all the clocks,
to when it was still (for a minute) the white man's world,
with your armbands and signs and glocks,
so you can measure who has the bigger --

Do you really think it is good to trigger anger and pain,
to treat with disdain, all not like you?
To make unjust laws, just so you can pause and detain
the feminine brain? That's just how you do,
That's all you can do, to hold on and maintain

The law of the land still says "you're wrong",
(read it and weep)
No matter if you only stand for the rights of the strong,
(Oh all the secrets you keep)
There will be those who stand up and tell it to your face,
(the price is too steep)
How you violate your word and your creed by being such a disgrace,
(but words are cheap)
"dont smoke that pot
its the one I just peed in"
"thanks a lot
thats the one I keep my weed in"
"but you don't smoke it at all
because it makes you paranoid
or stiff and uncomfortable
like a windup android"
it's not heroin or a dagger in the side
or staying glued to the porceline bowl
or zeroing all day due to lack of pride
it's not murdering the soul

but it does bring me temptation to backslide
sliding down the rabbit hole
into a ugly garden full of drunks
and blackout dreams where nothing makes sense
like the daftest of punks
and even the convicts, settle conflicts
by demanding recompense

there was a murmer of hope
in the riots of sedition
that we might find a way to cope
with this terminal condition
life, and death like dual harmonies
driving us all insane
as crazy as you please
like a fist right through the pane
and then silence is the last straw
the back broken from too much grief
and here we go breaking the law
all I can say is it was a big relief

but it does bring me temptation to backslide
sliding down the rabbit hole
into a ugly garden full of drunks
and blackout dreams where nothing makes sense
like the daftest of punks
and even the convicts, settle conflicts
by demanding recompense

oh no don't worry about me, my sobriety is still intact
the play was written so long ago
my lines read, and forgotten, it was just sincerity we lacked
but I have learned to mean it anyway, because you never know
the traps we spring, bringing torment to our lives
the hidden subtleties of innuendo
like sharp teeth and jagged knives
they are the reason we must keep letting go
but time is short and reasons thin
it is when adversity bites hardest you stand firm
there is rulebook or manual of how to win
love is such an angry and cruel term.
Song in the Making
lyrics not quite finished yet but posting anyway. This is in response to: clever word play, listening to Regina on Charlie Rose and seeing someone I know post copious amounts on Twitter about their love of pot.
20k page views over 9.5 years...woohoo? pfft.
Time to hold that anger and be gentle and tender
Time to listen to the message and not be offended by the sender
Time to pull in our rage and turn another page
we are heading into the apocalypse age

If you can't move around the obstacle, move with it
because avoiding reality isn't going to get it...done
we have work to do and no time to do it in
if we get set back 100 years, we will just have to start again

These are the words I try to tell myself
as I open my long closed eyes in terror and surprise
there is no point in guilt or recriminations
we must survive another day to keep hope alive.
The Apocalypse Age
Quickly, what's on my mind currently:
  • Listening to: Eric Clapton - Let it Rain
  • Reading: Robin Hobb
  • Watching: Jag
  • Playing: Dungeon Crawl aka DCSS (a roguelike)
  • Eating: Air
  • Drinking: Dreams
Is almost finished so I figured Id post a little information about it here.

- The card stock size is 3" x 5" (Because that's the size of an index card.)

- I used prismacolor watercolor pencils, Faber-Castel Pastel Pencils, Water brushes, Tombo dual tip brush Pens and Smoothers.

-  I used up a Tombo Smoother every 20 images or so. Man those things don't last long.

- Also used Pentel fine liners and Uniball pens for the line work.

- Used Staedler fine liner color pens for detailed work and alternative colors.

- Made quite a few mistakes some of which caused me to tear up the card and start over and one which I gave away to a fan who was enjoying watching me draw.

- Learned that people do actually like my drawings (Ive received so many comments irl while doing this) despite the general lack of attention given online.

- In fact I am quite surprised by how nicely  the set has turned out so far and plan on doing another right after I finish.

- The next set will be on Bristol Board using the same general size.

- Self-lamination is a pain in the ass (wallet) so if anyone has suggestions to make this easier (cheaper) please let me know.
Be very careful with ads on this site. A few years ago I reported attack ads (ads that do things like hijack your browser, download malware, etc) and got a very verbose response from admins that they were doing something about this. They did for awhile but I just got an AVG notification just as an ad tried to open a browser window (without asking my permission.) I have recently had ads that started playing LOUD videos whilst I was recording a song on my pc using my dA post of my lyrics. I have also had dA ads stall the browser so badly that I had to close it to reset the flash containers.

Now I could just go get adblock (firefox addon that blocks annoying banner ads (and as far as I know also takes out the video ads as well.) but I consider that to be an abrogation of my obligation as a site user. Therefore...

If this persists I may delete all my content here and just completely abandon dA. The quality of the site has gone down a lot and this pretty close to the last straw for me.
As I color them I will be adding a new series to my page. So far I have the 22 major arcana done in pen but not colored. 1st one up is World (#20). Hope you enjoy these. :D


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