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Whenever you think you're being inventive
you're just copying something you've never heard before
if opportunity is knocking maybe he will go away
if you ignore her at your door
if originality starts in sin, maybe there is no way to win
so don't bother trying to make it into something more
if the tides of change start with a butterfly in spring
there is still no way to see the future before it is in the store

the chance to succeed isn't based on your need
to be important to the ones you love
if you quit while ahead your time ends up feeling dead
waiting for your lawyers to show off the glove
the moments spent shining brightly into the night
don't reflect the pure evil that you've been thinking of
and twisted tales of forgotten triumphs gone badly
will not change the vile hawk to the cooing dove

maybe the lense you use to view the world is broken
like the keys to the lock that keeps your soul inside
the eyes you perceive with have no innocence to show
you how to end the charade that is your tattered pride
a parade of lions could not do justice to the prisoner
kept in chains from fear he might lead a riot
nor will soft spoken promises keep you warm in the winter
as your bad intent seeks to still the voices in the quiet
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March 16, 2016
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