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here I am sitting waiting for serenity
I keep missing my rendevous with serendipity
and I am no longer of the faithful
that what's meant to be will be

I breath in and needles and pins
I breath out, wallowing in self doubt
anxiety bridges the depths of my despair
all I can can think of is "get me out of there!"

but the train is late for the station
even the birds are slow in migration
the world is running on low tide
the rest I leave to your imagination

here I stave of the bouts of insanity
and I keep missing my rendevous with serendipity
there is a lot to be said for not being dead
when it comes your turn for charity

breath in, the keepers keep on keepin
breath out, don't forget to scream n shout
jump up and down, rant and pull your hair
the world is inherently unkind and generally unfair

maybe its just my lost ole generation
we still think in the old fashion notion of nations
the world is looking for places to run and hide
waiting out the coming conflagration

I am always at my best during a calamity
even when I miss my rendevous with serendipity
because my freak out is the natural state of affairs
it is always jarring though to see who really cares
Not sure what this song should be called so the title is a placeholder for now.

Chords: Country style shuffle between G, C and D and back to G.

Music here:…
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Submitted on
July 2, 2016