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the heroes selling axes down at the five and dime
with their talk about fame and glory
saving princesses standing in check out lines
slaying dragons, rocknrolling, and winning the story
all the treasure they have found and the money they've blown
they make it all sound so romantic but they think they're having fun

when the weekends come and the heroes let loose
they are all ready to cash in on the golden goose
they got their pay downpayments and they've signed the truce
but they lose their way every time and fall for the ruse
but its how they live, its how they keep going on
doesn't matter much as long as they think they're having fun

we were shopping for a better life, but the deal was not in our favor
we thought we'd get off easy choosing between a puppet and a savior
turns out the charade was us being played all along
as the clown turned around n proved us all wrong
but we're OK because we not the ones on the run
isn't it great how we all think we are having fun?

and while we weep for broken ideals and lost dignities
he keeps destroying all we hold dear and burning our liberties
giving our hard earned efforts to the best of his cronies
calling the truth tellers, liars and fake news phonies
the televisions are telling us how the revolution hasn't begun
because we're all asleep at home, thinking we're having fun

Men and women dying because the color of their skin
in a license to be evil with broken sentencing and private prisons
endorsing legalized slavery to bring in the bucks for the minimum wage
it all relates back to the time when we forgot to turn the history page
but don't worry it probably isn't your daughter or son
and if it is, well the news is they are all having fun

the next Armageddon's on the calendar, just as soon as the last one's done
don't forget to hide and run, set your phasers on stun
there is no innocence to protect, when everyone's got a gun
just remember to lock your doors and block out the sun
the radio will notify us all, from our shelters when the war is won
in the meantime we can be satisfied that we think we're all having fun
A simple song, imagined in a Bruce Springsteen style performance though I doubt I'd pull it off just so.

In the key of E A+F# backnforth, with the last two lines of each verse as C#m Bmj E A+F#(alternatively played as F#min7)

Talking about a variety of social and political woes here.
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