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How about you

You spend your nights trying
to plumb the secrets of the deep state
you toss and turn, willing to learn
but you're probably in the wrong sleep state

when you were twenty something I am certain
you didn't know how this would turn out
Thirty years later and you have no direction,
still you're alright for a burn out.

(chorus)The end is just around the corner, won't catch me being a mourner
because I am starting something new,
I am looking for beginnings where, I find people who really care
(refrain) how about you?

Now the clowns are running things
from the dump we once called the white house
don't be too morose and melancholy though,
you're not the chump who voted in the louse

or maybe you were, its not a slur
to realize we have work to be done
independence from tyranny,
comes from within everyone.

just because they closed your favorite
music hall down doesn't mean it all ends now
I hear they keep rescheduling the apocalypse
for a time when it won't put sweat on his brow

oh people standing in line waiting for the final eclipse
the darkness that descends isn't just based on facts,
oh go take a bath, and forgo your wrath,
its not worth the crash at the end anyhow
(Chorus then refrain till end)
Music (2 capos up on guitar): Am F C, G(not sure what to call it because it looks like a maj7 but minus the F# on the D string, instead leaving it open.) Dsus2+g F C for each verse,

Chorus: Am G D+F#, Am D x2.
A song about the cycle of things.
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August 6
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