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I spend a lot of time recently
thinking about who I am
when a man asks me for a spare banana and I say no
when I know
I really can
what does that say?
Who will help me
when I am broken in that way?
Down and out
and full of self doubt
and struggling for a hand up
or at least a
nod or smile to help me to stand up

{chorus} I am still here
I am still struggling
I am still playing magic
so tragic all that strategic tragedy
game playing strategy
mentally defying gravity
but feet planted firmly on this earth
because that's what I am worth
some day we will all be gone
but I am still here

When I give a piece of my self
and it is turned around against me
or taken advantage of  because love
isn't contagious enough
what do I become
when I am not the sum of my parts
when I can't account for all these empty hearts?
all these quests to find something that never exists
like love's true kiss
or eternal everlasting bliss
what is it we really miss?

reigning sorrow
like a king without a court
borrowing triumph from disaster
from years gone past or
when nostalgia is a last resort.
when mindscrew is the national sport
you don't have to be a racist
to make your rights known to all
you don't have to pull everyone else down
to prevent your own fall
Current and personal events? something like that. Video and or mp3 may or may not be on its way eventually.
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August 26, 2016
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