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You don't care,
You don't care about their lives,
their tiny little lives, who will suffer and strive,
you just want control over your wives
your pretty brainless wives,
in their aprons and moomoos and fondue beehives,

Using Religion like a gun to the head of some girl
you just want to turn back all the clocks,
to when it was still (for a minute) the white man's world,
with your armbands and signs and glocks,
so you can measure who has the bigger --

Do you really think it is good to trigger anger and pain,
to treat with disdain, all not like you?
To make unjust laws, just so you can pause and detain
the feminine brain? That's just how you do,
That's all you can do, to hold on and maintain

The law of the land still says "you're wrong",
(read it and weep)
No matter if you only stand for the rights of the strong,
(Oh all the secrets you keep)
There will be those who stand up and tell it to your face,
(the price is too steep)
How you violate your word and your creed by being such a disgrace,
(but words are cheap)…

Inspired by the above link.
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December 8, 2016
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