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Saw a lady huddled in a blanket sitting on the street
When the rain began she shivered and began to softly cry
I wanted to stop and say hi, what is making you so sad
but I didn't really want to hear the reason why.
I think I knew why she wept,
But I didnt want to hear whatever secrets she kept.

If she was I, I too would begin to cry.
The lameness of her feet were keeping her from standing
the pain in her joints was making her eyes well up
and the friends she had, now were abandoning.
I wanted to share my meagerness with her but coldness
crept into my soul and I knew that it wasn't me to be so kind.

A bitter thought crept in my soul,
If I was to share of my money and my time
If I was to lose a little control of the path I have chosen
I would be risking it all and she might in fact be a ghoul
a drunkard lost in a misery of her own making
and I, could be swept into that, being a sober fool.

Now that I am home, undressed and warm out of the rain
my own tears shed safely behind four walls
I feel the absence of the good heart I once had
and the lack makes me very very sad.
This is a true telling of something I witnessed heading home in the rain tonight from dinner.
an-xperience Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Professional General Artist
my father is homeless.
he is a ghoul whose obsession is booze and other substances.
i used to share my change and time with the majority of the impoverished street folks i met.
i used to pick up every hitchhiker i would see.
then i moved overseas.
i was often times swarmed by people who thought i was rich and famous.
at other times i walked freely through foreign avenues watching the numbers of homeless folks grow and grow.
some places i would have gone broke giving each homeless person only pennies.
i myself have spent a significant amount of time considering surrendering this social existence for the vagrant lifestyle;
however, i have read and experienced enough stories about that life of poverty.
for a short time overseas i was abandoned by the peace corps bureaucrats, and, i was a homeless drifter in a central asian country where i was being investigated for espionage and political activism.
my family have constantly reminded me that, i am one of their investments; therefore, i have grown to determine that the resources i am working with aren't really my own....instead, i must support myself and achieve better in order to help my investors become better and grow stronger....i owe them more than i can imagine ever possessing; therefore, i cannot share what isn't mine to share, unless, the contributions may be equally advantageous...
self respect is affording yourself the luxury to gratefully accept our own humility while compassionately praying for the safety of others...if the great heavens have not helped that meager soul, and if the great heavens have only afforded us our meager sense, how are we going to significantly assist anyone else with anything other than our simple sense.
there is a great piece of art on the web:
it shows a person with a sign which reads, "keep your coins, i want change."
thinks for doing what you do to change the world for the better.
you are an inspirational, admirable, and worthy presence.
thank you for sharing your enlightenment.
in the words of bob marley's birds, "don't worry about a thing cause every little things gonna be alright..."or something like that...
GandoTheBard Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I thank you for your very thoughtful and intimate response to Sad. It is a similar story to mine in some ways. (I've been homeless more than once, I've done shelter work, given away all my money, etc.) And I have had similar thoughts about not simply being free to give unconditionally because that would be stealing from my other interests. But I do some unexpected things sometimes so I try never to say never. And yeah I could find no solace for that lady but I continue to hope she has found some somewhere.

And Marley was wise in an ageless way.
an-xperience Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012  Professional General Artist
it is easier said than done.
enjoy yourself relative
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