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people are dying right and left
can't even stop to catch my breath
all this noise is making me deaf
breaking hearts in record time

the arguments about right and wrong
are hard to put to rhyme in a song
especially when the words are long
and the feeling are complex and complicated

sad to say, dime a dozen
lose a friend, a brother or cousin
it hurts like, well like nothing
because you can't compare your pain to mine

the blasting sounds of tv heads
talking bad about the living and the dead
some walking some crawling instead
the shame is we just could be loving each other

grief and greed struggling for space
on the book that we all log on to with our face
to tweet and twit the news into trace
little pithy comments that leave marks across the world

how rotten that when we come together
like birds who've been oil tarred and feathered
we can't even discuss the impending weather
without someone's offense making someone else blow their mind

meanwhile conspirators of the dumbest kind
are prowling the halls of the urban grind
kicking everyone out who doesn't pay their fine
a million bucks to be the resident of a closet for three...

the brokers taking their cuts out of broken homes
where the old folks couldn't afford to roam
and where there is no longer any shelter from the storm
the unkindness grows by leaps and bounds with each passing day.
Words about the current state of things.
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June 20, 2016
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